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Business Development

Professionals truly committed to the needs & goals of your organization. All businesses are NOT the same, nor are their immediate needs. Landover National manages our unique communications outreach technology model with modular features and customized solutions to best fit the unique needs of your agenda.

Collect and manage DATA, Develop stronger Partnerships, Extend your Corporate Outreach. Our system unite relevant groups, large capacity, high volume, private, with your brand. ie:

  • Non-Profit to Donors, 
  • Association to Members, 
  • Organization to Supporters, 
  • Publications to Advertisers, 
  • Politician to Voters,
  • You to Them to You

and more.

Small Business, Government Contracting Vendors 

One of our more successful networks focuses on the Government Contracting Space, bringing the Small Business Community, the Small Business Offices, and Officers of Federal Agencies together in one centralized location (the network) for instant dialog between the groups Productive Business Development.  (Federal, State, and Local)

Non-Profit Organizations

We approach the Non-Profit sector with our specialized "Monthly Recurring Donor Program" Our technology is the most involving solution around, promoting donor participation, fueling donations, communication exchange, and more. Increasing Donor Satisfaction and Involvement by building a “community” with your donors extending their commitment like never before.

Apartment Communities (Worldwide)

We serve the Apartment Community with an Automated Distribution and Collection of Market Surveys. Now Leasing Agents exchange apartment Market Surveys between properties digitally, in real time, nationwide, with no calls. Survey’s are vibrant color, uniform, fast, and detailed. 

Complete a Apartment Market Survey and its automatically shared with the correct properties in Real-Time. Receive them as well.

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